Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I have FOUR kids but I've only met two.....

       So, that statement makes me laugh yet it couldn't be more true than it is today. Mike now has both boys!
 At 4:23 AM I recieved this from my brother: "Meeting Kyle poor kid is really scared."
At 6:05AM he sent this: "Cured fear with a good wrestling match. He is a very handsome boy."
Mike sent at 5:35AM "Have boy. Coming out of shell. Doing paperwork and copies. Met foster family and orphanage crew. Foster Mother would not come up to room. Did not want him to see her cry.

Thier train was 2 hours later so they had no time to ever freshen up before they went to get Kyle. He was able to give the foster family the gifts that we bought them just in case he got to meet them. I'm so glad about that they were the only gifts I honestly cared about. I wanted them to know we would our best to give a great life. So, it was a tough exchange on mike I think because it was all so rushed. I think he needs a moment to catch his breath but guess what he's got two kids now so there will be none of that. I'm looking forward to them getting to GZ because Ithink they will have the space to breath a little. Mike said communication is a challenge but that Kyle apparently does know I little English but he is embarrassed to use because he thinks it not good enough. Kyle is full of energy, I could tell that from the two seconds I had them on the phone but I'm hoping that he just really really hyper right now with all that is going on. I think tomorrow will be a good chance sort of reset and really where he is at. The boys are getting along great together and have been playing and playing which is very cool. So, thats about what I have so far in details. They have intenet in the room!!!!! So, maybe more pictures soon. Al did send me a new one of Marek. I just got a picture of Kyle and they weren't kidding what a handsome guy!

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