Saturday, November 3, 2012

5 more days!

5 more days till I get to meet these guys and see the big guy! I can't even begin to tell you how much I can't wait.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Chinese Style!

What limb difference?????

Check out Marek put on his own socks and shoes! Remember he has deformities of his hands. You go, little dude!! The video is dark but you can still see what he is doing!

I have FOUR kids but I've only met two.....

       So, that statement makes me laugh yet it couldn't be more true than it is today. Mike now has both boys!
 At 4:23 AM I recieved this from my brother: "Meeting Kyle poor kid is really scared."
At 6:05AM he sent this: "Cured fear with a good wrestling match. He is a very handsome boy."
Mike sent at 5:35AM "Have boy. Coming out of shell. Doing paperwork and copies. Met foster family and orphanage crew. Foster Mother would not come up to room. Did not want him to see her cry.

Thier train was 2 hours later so they had no time to ever freshen up before they went to get Kyle. He was able to give the foster family the gifts that we bought them just in case he got to meet them. I'm so glad about that they were the only gifts I honestly cared about. I wanted them to know we would our best to give a great life. So, it was a tough exchange on mike I think because it was all so rushed. I think he needs a moment to catch his breath but guess what he's got two kids now so there will be none of that. I'm looking forward to them getting to GZ because Ithink they will have the space to breath a little. Mike said communication is a challenge but that Kyle apparently does know I little English but he is embarrassed to use because he thinks it not good enough. Kyle is full of energy, I could tell that from the two seconds I had them on the phone but I'm hoping that he just really really hyper right now with all that is going on. I think tomorrow will be a good chance sort of reset and really where he is at. The boys are getting along great together and have been playing and playing which is very cool. So, thats about what I have so far in details. They have intenet in the room!!!!! So, maybe more pictures soon. Al did send me a new one of Marek. I just got a picture of Kyle and they weren't kidding what a handsome guy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Update!

      Well, Mike's internet troubles seem to persist. So, I'll pass on what he has been able to share in the all to brief moments that we have been able to use FaceTime. Michael got custody of Marek on Sunday. The plan was for Mike and Al with the guide, Sherri to go to the Civil Affairs Office building for 4pm. Well, they had trouble getting a cab so they opted for a city bus. Marek was being driven in from the orphanage by the orphanage director and his Nanny. Mike and Marek arrived at the same moment. Marek's orphanage had prepared him for his adoption so well that he immediately knew Mike and was pointing at him saying Baba, Baba (Daddy in chinese). So, they handed Marek to Mike right there on the street corner as he got off the bus. Then they proceeded to go in a get the days paperwork done. Marek never shed a tear the whole time. He knew he was supposed to go with Mike and that it was ok. After they finished at the office they went to the store to buy some diapers and supplies. By the time they got back to the hotel Marek was drenched in sweat because they had him in so many layers of clothes. Mike decided to see how a bath would go and Marek loved it. He was able to get me on the cell while he was in the bath and I could hear him just giggling that baby giggle that kids lose all to soon as they grow. He started to fuss as he was getting cold so Mike got him out and got him dressed and he as happy as a clam again. At bed time they tucked him in and he just went to sleep simple as that.
      His favorite toys are the ones that we had packed with lights, he is all about the lights. I had bought this little toy that you press the button and lights dance around in the inside of the top of it. You can see it in the picture of him sleeping.  Well, he loves this little toy so much that he won't let it out of his hand. Somehow, I think he will be a really big fan of glow sticks. I'll have to put a bunch in his bath then turn down the lights so he has a glowing bath, I'll bet he loves it.
      I've been able to facetime with him a couple of time and the first time you could see in his face that he knew my face as well as Logan's. He really seemed to know Logan's face.  Last night Mike had him in a little snoopy sweatshirt that I had bought and apparently he loved this sweatshirt. The hood has Snoopy ears and he thought that was the best. Al said they kept catching him peeking at himself in a mirror. They were laughing saying you could tell he thought that he was pretty cool. Tonight they are on the train headed to Hefei. Its a 16 hour ride and when they get there they will barely have time to drop their luggage before they are scheduled to get Kyle. So, thats basically where we are at right now. Here are the VERY few pictures I've been able to get. In fact several of them are screen shots during our FaceTime. Ignore the awful looking me in the bottom we tend to do these when its past my bed time and I'm dead tired from the day.....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Countdown to Marek

Well, today at 4:00 I will meet and take custody of Marek. There are so many things going through my mind. Does he know we are coming? Has he been updated, as much as a three year old can be? Is he toilet trained (God, lets hope so, makes rest of trip easier)?

I honestly must say that there is a part of me that wishes Leslie were here. I just hope that Marek does well. I know that he will have no clue what really is going on and be upset. I hope that his transition will not be to tramatic. I hope that he received the package we had sent him. At least he would have the pictures we had sent. I just erased a whole paragraph I will try more after I get the little guy.

I think its safe to say that Michael is nervous in the these last few hours while he waits.....