Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another letter from school....oh no

Yesterday in the mail I recieved a letter from the boy's school. Now if you know my boys then you understand that this school has my house on speed dial. Heck, I think the Vice principal is going to start inviting me to her family functions I deal with this woman so much, no joke. The end of school last year I sent several school admins flowers because my kid was such a






Pardon my french but man it was that one tough year. From discipline to emotional to bullying problems and throwing on top my mom's slow march to her passing just after the school year ended,  life with an ADHD/RAD boy were not the best of days. After a stint in hospital to reevaluate his meds and get his head back on straight, did things ever change. At the beginning of this school year I made a bet with said young man that if he could manage to not get in trouble AT ALL this whole school year that I would purchase that fancy new bike that he had been asking for so much. Of course thinking I would never in a million years have to worry about buying any bike.
     Well, I waited for the phone to ring....
but it didn't
      I waited for the emails to start coming but
they didn't
I thought for sure they'd get me when I sign them out of school everyday but
no one said anything....EVER.

So, I happily ate some crow and allowed several, "I told you so's" and threw out some, "I knew you could do it's" When I really I had my doubts but I was wrong, very wrong and I'm so glad I was......

      I learned Logan's aide lobbyed the 8th grade teachers HARD to vote to give him an award at 8th grade night at school. We have been blessed to have had her and his awesome social worker in his life for the past several years. What a difference they have made. Together they fought to make teachers understand how far he's come and that he is NOT the sum of his "disabled" parts and that this child of trauma can rise above. I think they managed to teach other educators to stop faulting him for what he can not change and praising him for what he has. I think Lo will be floored when they call his name next week. I can't wait to see it.